It was late at night on a Tuesday. She was doing some extra work for her boss, or that was the lie she told to get the keys. She just wanted to see the cute little kitty that was brought in earlier in the morning. She didn't want Dr. Mukoki to know she was going back to pet a cat. It was ridiculous and weak, and if anyone could see Selina now she'd deny. She'd deny all of it, because it was quite lame, and she didn't want to let on that she was enjoying herself. "Hey there, little fellow," she said giggling to herself as she watched the little kitty lick her fingers. "It's okay little buddy," Selina said softly as she started to open up the cage. Soon the little kitty would be able to go back home in the morning when her human parents come to retrieve her, but for now. "There you go, drink up little kitty, I'll stay with you for as long as I can." Then without any warning or anything, Selina fell back on the floor. Paralyzed. The kitty just let out a little mew as if to warn someone, before he laid down right on Selina's chest.

"Wake up babe," he said with a soothing voice. He had dark features and beautiful dark eyes she could look into forever. He was the prettiest person she's ever met. The way he looked at her it made her feel warm. It made her feel so much love, something she hasn't felt for a while. She placed her hand on her head and rubbed her temple before she let out a groan. "How long was I out?" She didn't know how long it had been, but she felt kind of embarrassed that she passed out like that. She looked down at the hand he was holding, her left hand. The gleam from her diamond ring was almost unbearable to look at. It was huge, and it was something she's never had before.

"Just ten minutes," he said with a half smile on his face. He was still concerned for her. "Hey, it'll make an interesting story to tell our children when we're older. I made mommy pass out on her wedding day..."


Selina looked down her body to see she was wearing the prettiest white wedding dress. She took her other hand to smooth out the ruffles as she looked at her garment. "Yeah, it must have been the wine," she said lying. She didn't remember drinking wine, but she didn't want to alarm him. She was fine. She felt fine, other than a headache she had that was slowly fading away. "I told you I couldn't hold my liquor," she said with a little laugh.

Seeing her crack a smile, was contagious and he returned one back to her. He gave her hand a squeeze before he pulled it up to his hand to give it a kiss. "I wouldn't want to lose you when I just married you," he teased. He stood up and pulled his suit jacket off as she finally sat up. She reached for his hand with both hands to give it a little squeeze. "I didn't mean to scare you. Can I get a kiss?"

"You can get anything you want." He leaned in to press his lips softly against hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she pressed herself to him. It was the sweetest, wonderful kiss that she's ever had. She was just radiating with the light. It was in this moment she felt her happiness.

"I can send everyone home if you want to stay here," he said as he travels his lips from her mouth down to her neck to kiss it. "It's our wedding reception, We can do whatever you want." She started laughing because the thought was tempting. She was ready to stay there with him.

"Nooo, no, no," she said as she started to pull herself off of the bed. "We didn't spend hours learning that dance just for you to back out on it. Nope! No!"

"Welll," he said as he grabbed her hand to start helping her off of the bed. "That's right, and I'm afraid to tell your mother she has to leave now," he said with a laugh. "If you're ready to go out there, I'm ready, too." He held his hand out for her to hold.

She wrapped her hand around his to give it a squeeze as the smile on her face started to fade. At first she didn't catch what he said, until she said it to herself. "My mother's here?"

"Babe, how hard did you hit your head? Do you want to go get checked out?" He stopped her from leaving the room as he looked at her, reaching for her other hand.

"No," she said shaking her head, "I'm okay. Let's go back to our guests."

He started walking to the door, but before he could get out. She reached for him to give him another kiss on the lips. She pressed herself against him. She didn't want to let go. She kissed him with so much passion she couldn't see straight. When they pulled away they were both breathless, and yearning for more. "There's more where that came from," she teased.

"Oh we have forever." Soon they walked hand and hand toward the reception room. As soon as they were inside everyone started to applaud them.

"Everyone please welcome Mr. and Mrs...." the last name was distorted. She couldn't hear his name. Then she looked at his face, this was the first time she was able to look at it and it looked like a blur. She couldn't make it out. He was tall and handsome, but that's all she knew. That was alright, right? Selina laughed a little to herself and then grabbed his hand.

"I'm nervous," she said softly, "I'm really happy."

The way she said it brought a smile to his face. "I'm really happy too. It's about time we got it right. It's just us now, forever."