Hello darkness, my old friend I've come to talk with you again because a vision softly creeping left its seeds while I was sleeping and the vision that was planted in my brain, still remains, within the sound of silence

As she cradled her pillow against her head, she starts to slowly drift off to sleep. She hasn't been sleeping lately, not enough for her to get a full night of sleep anyway. Her thoughts have been consumed by the one she shares a body with. The one who ignites all of the passion and thrills she thoughts she thought she buried years ago. As much as it wasn't who she was anymore, she couldn't deny the fact that underneath the surface she wasn't a nice guy. She was a deviant, and her dreams knew it. She could never hide from the truth when she closes her eyes.

The woman she dreams about has her face. She has her body, and her lips are a perfect shade of red. She looked as ruthless as she did beautifully. Her dark hair framed her face and her dresses always hugged every curve of her body perfectly. She was breathtaking. Savannah couldn't take her eyes off of her and it felt wrong to look at her in this manner. She admired her, she was someone she aspired to be one day. She didn't know how to achieve that goal, but in her dreams all she wanted to be was her.

The woman always reaches out for Savannah's hand. She always pulls her into an embrace as she whispers into her ear softly, "You are me." When the woman pulls away from her she could see her face again, and it matches hers. It was weird, she couldn't understand why the woman looked like her. It was as if she was enamored with herself and she was going mad. As Savannah started to pull out of the embrace, the woman held onto her longer with a little smirk on her face as if she was enjoying seeing Savannah struggle with her.

"Let go of me!," Savannah finally said to the woman as she tried to snatch out of her embrace, but the corner of the woman's lips just twisted into a smile as she clamped her hands harder against Savannah's forearms to hold onto her as she pulls her closer against her frame. "I can't let go of you," Selina said in a voice that matched Savannah's. "I need your body dear," she continued on with her thought, "I need to play. You're my only way to get to play in this world, love." Savannah didn't understand what she was saying, but the more she stared at her the more she was intrigued.

"You need to go away for a bit," Selina said with a smirk. She reached behind her back and lifted her whip up to twirl around Savannah's neck. Her hands lifted to grab her whip around her neck as it was choking her. She watched Selina's eyes light up as she was choking her, but Savannah was fighting. She wasn't going to just give up without a fight.

Out of nowhere, Savannah sat up straight in her bed gasping for air. She lifted her hands up to her neck to check it. It was another dream about herself. The same thing happening. She keeps losing control of her body. She loses her judgment as she slowly starts to slide back into her old habits. She's losing the war with herself. She's losing control.

Worse than that, she kind of likes it.