Since when can I do this?

Who goes to a sex shop these days? It's so cheesy, and that's what Amazon is for. You can be a pervert in your own home without worrying about being kink shamed. It was 8:00 pm when the sky was changing into night and Savannah had just gotten off work. Her boss has been laying the work on her lately. Maybe it was his way of keeping his eye on her and keeping her contained. Either way, Savannah needed toys. She lost her bullwhip of all things. She didn't know where she left it, but if she was going to get back into her other profession she needed it.

It'd be a quick trip inside of the sex shop. No one she knows comes to this part of the town, and let's face it doing this was easier than ordering online. She could be in and out without anyone realizing who she is or her reasons for coming here. She pushed the door open and stood right at the door as she did a quick search of what's inside. "Thank God I buy all of my dildos online or I'd never leave this store," she said in a mutter to herself as she adjusted her eyes to try to scan the aisle as fast as possible. It would've been easier to ask someone, but she was too stubborn for that.

She could listen to the way her heels were clicking against the floor as she hurried up to the aisle where all of the whips and chains were to grab the nearest leather bullwhip her fingers could curl around. Luckily she didn't recognize the young woman who was working the register. This could be a quick trip and she can return home and work to resume working on her Netflix queue.

"What's a pretty little thing like you coming out of a dirty store like this," he said with a laugh. He looked to be twice her size and she could smell him before she even got near him. She didn't even look at him, instead, she just clenched her purse and bag and started to walk faster to her car.

"Hey!," he said as he began to walk toward her. He couldn't take the fact that she was ignoring him. He dropped his cigarette and shortened the distance between them. "Didn't your mother teach you some manners? It's rude to ignore people."

Savannah didn't say anything, she just scoffed. Why did she park so far way? Was she that scared of anyone recognizing her. She was just at her car's door fumbling to find her keys when he came up to her. "I just want to chat with you, no reason to be such a bitch to me," he said as he grabbed her free arm. He wrapped his fingers against her arm and pulled it up to yank her to him.

"What did you buy? You look like you love it rough too," he said with a little laugh. Savannah was scared for her life. She didn't know what he was going to do but she knew she had to react fast.

"I can show you how rough I like it," she said as an answer to him. She didn't know why she would even say anything like that. It doesn't sound like her, but it was what she did next that scared her...

She didn't know how she pulled her purse up to her shoulder so fast, but she managed to pull the bullwhip out of her bag and grabbed handle just at the same time she managed to snatch her arm out of his grasp. She sidestepped just enough for her to whip the bullwhip around his neck to choke him before she yanked it forward to make him stumble and fall to the ground. Savannah recovered quickly and turned her body so she could look at him as she whipped the bullwhip onto the ground.

The man was visibly shaken that she easily took down to the ground. He held onto his neck choking for a second. He stood up and instead of rushing Savannah he turned around and ran from her. Savannah tried not to look like she was scared of herself, but that's never happened before. How could she think so quickly to execute that move?