She's here.

Riches. All of the diamonds in the world.

This is what she was after. She didn't know where anyone was, and she didn't care. She gave up her search on Bruce and decided just to enjoy this life on her own. She didn't need anyone to protect her. She was already capable of doing that. The only thing she had to do was just enjoy her life.

Selina reached her hand into her pocket to look at Savannah's clock. She didn't have a lot of time left. She had to move everything she had retrieved from the living room into her own special hiding spot away from her other self. "You're not going to sell my stuff this time, bitch," she said softly as she curled her fingers around the rings and jewels that were around her.

She began to walk to the closet as she checked her phone. She was always neat and careful, but you never know. People were always strange when she's around. As she headed for the closet she checked all of the local news websites around to see if anyone was suspicious of her. If there were any, she knew how to move Savannah out of harm's way and make her think she is on the best vacation of her life.

The box was already open on the floor in the back of the closet. All she had to do was transfer everything inside of it. She dropped the load of jewelry she had in her hand the box and covered it with the money. "You're not going to fuck this up. You're going to need this since you quit your job." It was too stressful for Selina to work with one of her arch nemesis. She spent most of her days thinking of ways to kill him to escape him. She didn't need that energy for the lonely week she's around.

It was ten o'clock when Selina was finally finished moving all things she acquired from the week. She pushed the box back into her closet and covered it with another box. She stared at it for a few seconds before she stood up and walked out of the closet, closing the door behind her. It was a relief to know that she was in charge. "I'll sell all of this next month," she said to herself. It was time to get into bed. She knew all of her plans had to wait until June, and she was okay with that.

It was five o'clock on a Monday morning when Selina woke up. The sun was already out and it was hurting her eyes. She didn't have her usual headache from Sunday's activities. Savannah sat up in her bed and began to rub her eyes. Everything felt like a dream, but it all felt familiar to her. She didn't have that foggy memory of things that she usually had. Savannah pushed the sheets off of her body and grabbed her glasses. She walked over to her closet and walked toward the back of it to grab the box that was hidden in the back.

"So much shit," she said softly to herself. She didn't have to guess where it came from. She knew how every single item was inside of there.

That was new.