He's here.

Banks were easier to rob when she didn't have to do anything. She didn't know how this new superpower of controlling peoples minds manifested in her, but who was Selina to dispute such a gift. She really didn't need to hang from the rafters or break into a vault if she wants to be a respectable citizen of this fine city. That was the reason she was perched on top of the table with her legs crossed while she played a riveting game of candy crush as her mindless minions did all of the work. This was the first time she's ever done such a thing, and she'd be lying if she said it wasn't a cool idea.

She was just in the middle of a big paycheck, when Tomas called her phone. He needed her, and she couldn't ignore him. She wanted to, but with his slurred voice and the way he demanded her assistance, something told her it was serious. Whatever she was doing right now could wait for later. He bumped up her list as a priority.

After tracking his phone to an alley, Selina was weary of moving further into the alley. She thought maybe it was a trap, and she had to prepare for the word. What she didn't expect was to see Tomas slumped in a pool of his own blood after trying to take on a couple of robbers. It didn't make sense. When did he ever had the need to play someone's hero? It was odd, weird, and all too familiar. Seeing him in this condition made her heart sink. She could only think of one fool who would run in there without anything, and he was long gone from what she knew.

After an hour at home Savannah continued to watch him. The doctor who was scared of Savannah began to treat all of his wounds, and Selina kept her distance from now just to give him time to heal, but she had to know the truth of what was really going on.

"Where are you from?"


The next words were snatched out of throat. Could it be him? The one she's been searching for since this this started happening to her. It didn't seem like it could ever be true. She watched him as he tried to fall asleep. She couldn't though. She was too wired. She was perched up top of the chair like a big cat as she rested on her toes. He didn't ever say who he was, but did he have to? It was evident who was in front of her.

"Bruce," she said softly to herself before she rolled her eyes in annoyance. "You always have to make an appearance huh," she teased him in silence. He couldn't just step forward dazed and confused, he had to go out there and solve some kind of crime. That as all he knew how to do. She bit on her thumb nail as she continued to watch him sleep. She just wanted to make sure everything was okay with him, and more importantly, that he wouldn't run away from her.