savannah kinney
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full name savannah maria kinney alias Catwoman birthdate August 15th, 1987, 31 years place of birth boston, ma current residence san franscio, ca occupation paralegal status what's that?
Savannah Maria Kinney was born on August 15th, 1987 to Mariana and Michael Kinney. She was a surprise to both of her parents who were on the last leg of their marriage. Even a new baby girl couldn't save the Kinney's from working out their marital problems. Shortly after Savannah was born her father left her mother. It left Mariana so devestated she started to drink her sorrows away when Savannah was young. Since she was her mother's only child she really had no one to turn to growing up. She tried to contact her father to help, but he wanted nothing to do with either of them. This led to Mariana's alcoholic problems. It forced Savannah to grow up fast so she could take care of her mother. When Savannah was ten her mother finally went to rehab, and Savannah stayed with her father for six months, but as soon as Mariana was released he dropped Savannah off with her and that was the last time she spent time with her father.

Savannah was tweleve years old when her mother relapsed. As much as she tried to be there for her mother, she was afraid if she called CPS they would take her away. Savannah tried her best to help her mother, but when she stopped going to work Savannah had to do something. She started stealing from the local deli to get food to eat. The more she stole from the deli she realized it gave her somewhat of a rush she never felt before. She started stealing bigger things from the local stores around. Her mother was so out of it on most days she didn't even realize Savannah was gone most of the time. She spent the next few years on the street hanging with local bad kids of the neighborhood. When she was fourteen she was talked into stealing from a pawn shop. It was five of them, and since Savannah was smaller than the other kids she was able to contort her body and move around. Unfortunately one of the kids was caught by the cops and decided to squeal on the other four, and Savannah was caught with a jacket full of jewelery. After spending four months in a juvenile detention center, she was determined to turn her life around, but she was still a small teenager and desired the things she couldn't buy.

After getting out of juvenile she still hung around a bad crowd, and her life at home was depressing. She got a small joy out of participating in small petty heists with her friends. Even though she was barely going to school she managed to graduate high school in 2005. Her grades weren't good enough to earn a scholarship to go to college, so she took up waitressing. She had to do something because her mother wasn't going to help her. Sure, she thought stealing was fun but it wasn't going to perfect her life and she had to do something. She started waitressing to put herself through school, but even that was frustrating to her. She wasn't making enough money and was working too many hours. She met a friend there who told her she was pretty enough to come with her if she wanted to make some real money. From that night Savannah started stripping at the local club with her friend, Holly . Even though she was making great money, she wasn't making enough. Holly told her that if she really wanted to make money she should get into the escort business with her. This appealed to her for a number of reasons, but she really wasn't keen on sleeping with others. Soon Savannah started taking clients with Holly and would meet them in a hotel room only to rob them of everything. She did this for a couple of months until she had enough money to put herself through school.Thank God for those defense classes she took.

While finishing up her degree she managed to get her juvenile record sealed. Now Savannah was thirty-one years old and she was a paralegal. It was a quiet life. She had a good job. She was really proud of herself once she graduated school. She had finally done something for herself. She vowed to herself that she would live a good life and try to be an upstanding citizen. Sure she had done a lot of bad things in her life, but she came out on the other side. She was determined to run with her second chance on life and make herself proud. The only the thing with that was she was utterly bored. At first, she thought she could live like this. She even had a fiance while, but she was missing something. She was missing that thrill she used to have when she was younger. Something wasn't clicking with her.

It wasn't until she saw it in window of the store. It was so pretty, it was everything she was missing. She needed that bracelet, and yeah she could've bought it with her own money, but what was the fun in that? She was turning into someone she hated, despised. She wasn't this nice, she thought. She had to do something that made her feel alive, because right now she didn't feel like she was living. She didn't fight this long and this hard to live such a boring life, she thought. She couldn't stop looking at the bracelet in the window and suddenly the ring that was on her finger given to her by Justin just felt like a thousand bricks on her finger. This wasn't her.
comicverse biography
Selina Kyle is Catwoman, a Gotham City thief who has crossed paths with Batman on several occasions. Catwoman, whose real name is Selina Kyle, has been Batman's most enduring love interest and is known for her complex love-hate relationship with him. As a Gotham City burglar, Catwoman typically wears a tight, one-piece outfit and uses a bullwhip for a weapon. She was originally characterized as a supervillain and adversary of Batman, but since the 1990s, Catwoman has been featured in an eponymous series portraying her as an antiheroine, often doing the wrong things for the right reasons.

facts • became a veterinarian's assistant because of her best friend, a cat. whiskers died when savannah was 10 years old, and ever since she wish she could've done something to save her.

• is very good at bar trivia. she used to go to bar trivia, plus it helps that she's very into karaoke. who would've thought that?

• she just recently ended her two year engagement with justin because she felt like she wanted more out of life than to be someone's wife.

• she just recently took up boxing at the gym, and she loves it. she tries to go to the gym at least four times out of the week.

• she loves anything purple.

• she knows how to drive a motorcycle

• she has a black cat named dexter

• she used to be a dominatrix.

She's dominant in most cases, and she tries to balance her assertive personality by being a bit of a flirt, especially with males. She's known from a young age that she was blessed with physical looks, and she knows how and when to put them to work for her. Savannah considers herself a loner. She doesn't want to get too close to people. She only wants to depend on herself. It's a lesson she learned when she was younger. She tries to be a really nice woman, but it's hard for her. She doesn't have those kind of emotions most of the time, but she's good at faking. If she considers you a friend, she will take care of you.